Outsourcing to a CAD Technician

As an architect or engineer your time is valuable and your busy, do you want to waste your time working on design documentation?  The outsourcing to a CAD technician can take some of that burden off your shoulders.  CAD drawings are a must in any construction project and accuracy is crucial to keeping the project viable and on budget.  You can outsource some of the work you need to get done such as CAD drawings, 3D modeling, scheduling, clash detection and so much more.  Let’s look at some of the reasons why outsourcing CAD services may help you with your next project.

Outsourcing to a CAD Technician

It is Cost Effective

It has been proven in almost every industry that outsourcing saves money.  If you can find a firm of CAD technicians and hire them to handle the overflow of your work it will cost you less than going through the process of headhunting and hiring.  Not only that, you can hire CAD technicians on a per project basis rather than hiring someone to work for you fulltime.  You don’t have to worry about paying a salary when you don’t have the workload.

Saves You Time

Hiring outside CAD technicians is really just a phone call away and you can get some really great talent without having to step away from your project to start and complete the hiring process.  Even if you have an in-house human resources team contracting outside talent temporarily is easier and quicker than trying to hire.

They Are Reliable

Outside firms stake their reputation on the work they provide, just like your firm does.  It is in their best interest to provide accurate and timely returns on tasks assigned to them.  Because they want to build an ongoing relationship with architectural and engineering firms you can count on their work.

Leaves You to Concentrate on Your Project

There are a million details for any engineering or architectural projects.  When you get the chance to focus on the big picture and let your staff handle the details you can get the project done quicker while increasing the profitability.  It also lets you move on to the next project quickly.