What Does a CAD Technician Do?

Modern day construction is complex with thousands of people working together to make sure that buildings are well constructed and safe for those that will be living in or using them.  Everything from high-rises to shopping malls to schools use more than construction crews, the pre-construction phase or the planning involves architects, engineers and technicians.  These are the people that design the structure and make sure that it is safe, along with all of the systems that go in the building, everything from heating to sprinklers.  Part of this team of architects and engineers are CAD technicians.  Chances are you have never heard of a Cad technician so, what does a CAD technician do?

What does a CAD technician do

The Design Phase

Design of a building or project begins with an architect and CAD technicians work hand in hand with architects.  The architect will start making the plans with rough sketches of their designs.  After that come the structural and MEP designs.  Engineers start working on the systems and structure of the building based on the creative work of the architect.

Drafting Services

This is where CAD technicians play a big role in any project.  When the initial designs are finished then it is time to create the drafts.  Drafting is done by the CAD technicians, either independently or was part of the architectural team.  Drafts are crucial to get the project on to the next phase where the modelling is done.  This is where problems are discovered and sent back to be reworked and they are used by engineers for structural drafting.  Here is a look at how drafting is done.


Once all of the drafts are ready and they have been given the green light by engineers and architects for design and structure it is time for the models to be created.  The original draft documents are used for input.  Modeling today is incredibly technical with the ability to go beyond 3D into 4D, 5D and 6D.

Looking for Problems

Once the modeling is done then the team will look for “clashes” in the design process.  These are systems that aren’t working together and then fixes are made.  After the modeling is complete it is rendered to look realistic with materials that make it appear natural.

CAD technicians work with engineers and architects throughout the project they are crucial to the overall design and the creation of plans that will be used in the actual construction phase.  They do much of the work while engineers and architects get most of the credit.  Next time you look at new construction think about the CAD technicians who worked on the project too.

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